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Welcome to Strathclyde Marine Fabrications

Strathclyde Marine Fabrications (SM Fab) is a new player in the marine door industry, set up with the aim to deliver quality products and services.

Although a new name in the marine door industry we have a combined experience of over 20 years in the offshore and ship building markets. With this knowledge and understanding of the products, regulations and customer expectations, we will demonstrate integrity through the delivery of a safe, quality and supported product to our customers.

Customer satisfaction is paramount and SM Fab will work with every customer to provide a flexible solution to match client expectations.

Strathclyde Marine Fabrications has designed, tested and approved an A60 Offshore Marine Door to the latest IMO Fire Test Standards 2010 (implemented July 2012). SM Fab currently have Lloyds Type Approval Certification.

A60 Marine Door can also be referred to as the following: A60 Fire Door, A60 Accommodation Module, A60 Offshore Door, A60 Watertight Door, A60 Weathertight Door, B15 Marine Door.